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(Projektverantwortliche in Klammern).


Jänner 2020 - :

Projekt Einrad (Fink, Tilp / Sportwissenschaften, Weber)


Oktober 2019 - April 2020:

Projekt Gruppenklänge Hall (Papousek, Weiss / Uni Innsbruck, Perchtold)


April 2019 - Dezember 2019:

Projekt Neural Time Course of Cognitive Reappraisal (Perchtold, Fink, Rominger, Papousek)


März 2019 - Jänner 2020:

Projekt Breaking Through (Perchtold, Papousek, Fink)


August 2018 - :

Projekt Statistik Angst Intervention (Papousek, Perchtold, Fink, Paechter / Pädagogische Psychologie, Weiss)


Juli 2018 - Oktober 2018, April 2019 - Dezember 2019:

Projekt Number Matching, Statistical Learning (Landerl / Entwicklungspsychologie)


Oktober 2017 - Oktober 2018:

Projekt Silver Lining (Fink, Papousek, Perchtold)


Dezember 2017 - Oktober 2018, Dezember 2019 - März 2020:

Projekt Couple & Prime (Papousek, Weiss)


Oktober 2017 - Dezember 2017:

Projekt Digits and Numbers (Landerl / Entwicklungspsychologie, Perchtold)


Juli 2017 - September 2017:

Projekt Overcoming the dark side of humour (Papousek, Lackner / Physiologie)

  • Papousek, Lackner, Weber, Perchtold, Fink, Weiss (2019). Poor control of interference from negative content hampers the effectiveness of humour as a source of positive emotional experiences. Scientific Reports, 9, 8023.


März 2017 - Juni 2017:

Projekt Figure It Out! (Rominger, Fink)

  • Rominger, Papousek, Perchtold, Weber, Weiss, Fink (2018). The creative brain in the figural domain: Distinct patterns of EEG alpha power during idea generation and idea elaboration. Neuropsychologia, 118, 13-19.
  • Rominger, Papousek, Perchtold, Benedk, Weiss, Weber, Schwerdtfeger, Eglmaier, Fink (2020). Functional coupling of brain networks during creative idea generation and elaboration in the figural domain. NeuroImage, 207, 116495.


Februar 2017 - Mai 2018:

Projekt Kreativität im Fussball (Fink, Memmert / Köln)

  • Fink, Rominger, Benedek, Perchtold, Papousek, Weiss, Seidel, Memmert (2018). EEG alpha activity during imagining creative moves in real soccer decision-making situations. Neuropsychologia, 114, 118-124.


Jänner 2017 - Juli 2017:

Projekt (e)motion (Papousek, Rominger, Perchtold, Fink)


Juli 2016 - Februar 2017:

Projekt Gedankenvielfalt (Perchtold, Rominger, Papousek, Fink)

  • Perchtold, Weiss, Rominger, Fink, Weber, Papousek (2019). Cognitive reappraisal capacity mediates the relationship between prefrontal recruitment during reappraisal of anger-eliciting events and paranoia-proneness. Brain and Cognition, 132, 108-117.


Juli 2016 - Februar 2017:

Projekt Emosex (Weiss, Papousek, Lackner / Physiologie)

  • Perchtold, Papousek, Fink, Weber, Rominger, Weiss (2019). Gender differences in generating cognitive reappraisals for threatening situations: reappraisal capacity shields against depressive symptoms in men, but not women. Frontiers in Psychology, 10, 553.


Juli 2015 - November 2017 :

Projekt GRUSLER (Landerl / Entwicklungspsychologie, Kemeny / Entwicklungspsychologie, Perchtold, Rominger, Papousek, Fink)

  • Kemeny, Banfi, Gangl, Perchtold, Papousek, Moll, Landerl (2018). Print-, sublexical and lexical processing in cildren with reading and/or spelling deficits: An ERP study. International Journal of Psychophysiology, 130, 53-62.
  • Kemeny, Gangl, Banfi, Bakos, Perchtold, Papousek, Moll, Landerl (2018). Deficient letter-speech sound integration is associated with deficits in reading but not spelling: A modified letter-stroop study. Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, 12, 449.


September 2015 – Dezember 2016:

Projekt Witz und Geistesblitz (Papousek, Fink, Lackner / Physiologie, Rominger, Perchtold, Weiss)

  • Rominger, Papousek, Weiss, Schulter, Perchtold, Lackner, Fink (2018). Creative thinking in an emotional context: Specific relevance of the executive control of emotion-laden representations in the inventiveness in generating alternative appraisals of negative events. Creativity Research Journal, 30, 256-265.
  • Rominger, Papousek, Perchtold, Benedek, Weiss, Schwerdtfeger, Fink (2019). Creativity is associated with a characteristic U-shaped function of alpha power changes accompanied by an early increase in functional coupling. Cognitive, Affective, and Behavioral Neuroscience, 19, 1012-1021.
  • Rominger, Papousek, Fink, Perchtold, Lackner, Weiss, Schwerdtfeger (2019). Creative challenge: Regular exercising moderates the association between task-related heart rate variability changes and individual differences in originality. Plos One, 14, e0220205.
  • Perchtold-Stefan, Fink, Rominger, Weiss, Papousek (2020). More habitual physical activity is linked to the use of specific, more adaptive cognitive reappraisal strategies in dealing with stressful events. Stress and Health.
  • Perchtold-Stefan, Papousek, Rominger, Schertler, Weiss, Fink (2020). Humor comprehension and creative cognition: Shared and distinct neurocognitive mechanisms as indicated by EEG alpha activity. NeuroImage.
  • Papousek, Lackner, Perchtold, Rominger, Fink, Weiss. Better theory of mind associated with faster but less pleasurable perception of typical humor made at the expense of someone. In preparation.


Juni 2015 – Juni 2016:

Projekt Reappraisal Inventiveness (Papousek, Fink, Weiss, Perchtold, Rominger, Weber / Uni Greifswald); FWF 27750

  • Papousek, Weiss, Perchtold, Weber, de Assuncao, Schulter, Lackner, Fink (2017). The capacity for generating cognitive reappraisals is reflected in asymmetric activation of frontal brain regions. Brain Imaging and Behavior, 11, 577-590.
  • Fink, Weiss, Schwarzl, Weber, de Assuncao, Rominger, Schulter, Lackner, Papousek (2017). Creative ways to well-being: Reappraisal inventiveness in the context of anger evoking situations. Cognitive, Affective and Behavioral Neuroscience, 17, 94-105.
  • Perchtold, Fink, Rominger, Weber, Loureiro de Assuncao, Schulter, Weiss, Papousek (2018). Reappraisal inventiveness: Impact of appropriate brain activation during efforts to generate alternative appraisals on the perception of chronic stress in women. Anxiety, Stress, and Coping, 31, 206-221.


Februar 2015 – Oktober 2015:

Projekt Gruppenklänge 3 (Papousek, Weiss)

  • Papousek, Schulter, Rominger, Feyaerts, Schmid-Zalaudek, Lackner, Fink, Weiss (2018). DSM-5 personality trait domains and withdrawal versus approach motivational tendencies in response to the perception of other people's desperation and angry aggression. Biological Psychology, 132, 106-115.


Juni 2014 – Jänner 2015:

Projekt Social-emotional Processing (Weiss, Papousek, Marksteiner / Hall i.T., Ruch / Uni Zürich)

  • Papousek, Ruch, Rominger, Kindermann, Scheidl, Schulter, Fink, Weiss (2017). The use of bright and dark types of humor is rooted in the brain. Scientific Reports, 7, 42967.


April 2014 – Oktober 2014:

Projekt Unilateral Hand Contractions (Papousek, Fink, Weiss, Rominger)


Mai 2014 – Juni 2014:

Projekt Cartoons & Cardiac (Lackner / Physiologie, Papousek)

  •  Lackner, Weiss, Rössler, Papousek. Contrasted transient response of the heart: A valid tool for the identification and quantification of an exciting insight. In preparation.


Oktober 2012 - Mai 2014:

Projekt Goal Orientation (Paechter / Pädagogische Psychologie, Papousek, Wimmer / Pädagogische Psychologie, Lackner / Physiologie)

  • Wimmer, Lackner, Papousek, Paechter (2018). Goal orientations and activation of approach versus avoidance motivation while awaiting an academic achievement situation in the laboratory. Frontiers in Psychology, 9, 1552.
  • Papousek, Wimmer, Lackner, Schulter, Perchtold, Paechter (2019). Trait positive affect and students' prefrontal EEG alpha asymmetry responses during a simulated exam situation. Biological Psychology, 148, 107762.
  • Wimmer, Lackner, Papousek, Paechter (2019). Influences of different dimensions of academic self-concept on students' cardiac recovery after giving a stressful presentation. Psychology Research and Behavior Management, 12, 1031-1040.
  • Wimmer, Paechter, Lackner, Papousek (2019). Effects of self-concept on restoring a positive motivational state after an exam-like situation. Mind, Brain and Education, 14, 5-15.


Februar 2013 – April 2014:

Projekt BrainCycling (Weiss, Papousek, Fink, Lackner / Physiologie)

  •  Hofer, Papousek, Fischer, Lackner, Fink, Schulter, Weiss. Effect of aerobic exercising on prefrontal EEG alpha asymmetry and its impact on executive inhibitory functioning. In preparation.


Februar 2013 – November 2013:

Projekt Psychophysiologie der kreativen Idee (Lackner / Physiologie, Fink, Papousek)


Februar 2012 – Dezember 2012:

Projekt Loose Control Emotion (Papousek, Fink, Weiss)

  •  Papousek, Weiss, Mosbacher, Schulter, Fink (2014). Affective processing in positive schizotypy: Loose control of social-emotional information: Brain and Cognition, 92, 84-91.


Februar 2012 – Dezember 2012:

Projekt Kreativität und Schizotypie (Fink, Papousek, Weiss)

  •  Fink, Rominger, Perchtold (2018). Creativity and cognitive control. In R.E. Jung & O. Vartanian (Ed.), The Cambridge Handbook of the Neuroscience of Creativity. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press.


November 2011 – Mai 2012:

Projekt Loose Control (Rominger, Papousek, Fink, Weiss)

  •  Rominger, Fink, Weiss, Bosch, Papousek (2017). Allusive thinking (remote associations) and auditory top-down inhibition skills differentially predict creativity and positive schizotypy. Cognitive Neuropsychiatry, 22, 108-121.
  • Rominger, Schulter, Fink, Weiss, Papousek (2018). Meaning in meaninglessness: The propensity to perceive meaningful patterns in coincident events and randomly arranged stimuli is linked to enhanced attention in early sensory processing. Psychiatry Research, 263, 225-232.
  • Rominger, Fink, Weiss, Schulter, Perchtold, Papousek (2019). The propensity to perceive meaningful coincidences is associated with increased posterior alpha power during retention of information in a modified Sternberg paradigm. Consciousness and Cognition, 76, 102832.


Oktober 2010 - März 2012:

Projekt Popup Memo (Weiss, Papousek, Fink, Lackner / Physiologie, Holmes / MRC Cambridge, Gerichtsmedizin Innsbruck, Reiser)

  • Papousek, Reiser, Schulter, Fink, Holmes, Niederstätter, Nagl, Parson, Weiss. (2013). Serotonin transporter genotype (5-HTTLPR) and electrocortical responses indicating the sensitivity to negative emotional cues. Emotion, 13, 1173-1181.
  • Papousek, Weiss, Reiser, Schulter, Freudenthaler, Lackner. (2013). Self-rated social-emotional perception and its neurophysiologic and cardiac correlates while viewing a film showing the suffering of other people. International Journal of Psychological Research, 6, 42-55.
  • Weiss, Fink, Reiser, Schulter, Mittenecker, Niederstätter, Nagl, Parson, Papousek (2014). Influences of COMT and 5-HTTLPR polymorphisms on cognitive flexibility: Inhibition of prepotent responses and memory updating. PLoS One, 9:e85506.
  • Reiser, Weiss, Schulter, Holmes, Fink, Papousek (2014). Prefrontal-posterior coupling while observing the suffering of other people, and the development of intrusive memories. Psychophysiology, 51, 546-555
  • Weiss, Freudenthaler, Fink, Reiser, Niederstätter, Nagl, Parson, Papousek. (2014). Differential influence of 5-HTTLPR - polymorphism and COMT - polymorphism on emotion perception and regulation in healthy women. Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society, 20, 516-524.
  • Papousek, Lackner, Schulter, Fink, Reiser, Weiss (2014). Prefrontal EEG alpha asymmetry changes while observing disaster happening to other people: Cardiac correlates and prediction of emotional impact. Biological Psychology, 103, 184-194.
  •  Lackner, Weiss, Rössler, Hofer, Schulter, Papousek (2015). Transient cardiac responses to witnessing horrible events in young adult female exercisers and non-exercisers. Psychology of Sport and Exercise, 22, 312-320.


April 2011 - Jänner 2012:

Projekt Denk Fit (Fink, Papousek)


Jänner 2011 - März 2011:

Projekt Validierung CRT (Fink)


August 2010 - April 2011:

Projekt Gruppenklänge II (Papousek, Freudenthaler / Diagnostik, Weiss, Aydin / Sozialpsychologie, Lackner / Physiologie)

  • Papousek, Aydin, Lackner, Weiss, Bühner, Schulter, Charlesworth, Freudenthaler (2014). Laughter as a social rejection cue: Gelotophobia and transient cardiac responses to other persons' laughter and insult. Psychophysiology, 51, 1112-1121.


Juni 2010 - April 2011:

Projekt Gruppenklänge I (Papousek, Weiss, Freudenthaler / Diagnostik, Lackner / Physiologie)

  • Weiss, Schulter, Freudenthaler, Hofer, Pichler, Papousek (2012). Potential markers of aggressive behavior: The fear of other persons' laughter and its overlaps with mental disorders. PLoS One, 7, e38088.
  • Papousek, Schulter, Rominger, Fink, Weiss (2016). The fear of other persons' laughter: Poor neuronal protection against social signals of anger and aggression. Psychiatry Research, 235, 61-68.


August 2010 - Oktober 2010:

Projekt Krea (Fink, Papousek)

  • Fink, Schwab, Papousek (2011). Sensitivity of EEG alpha activity to cognitive and affective creativity interventions. International Journal of Psychophysiology, 82, 233-239.
  • Schwab, Benedek, Papousek, Weiss, Fink (2014). The time-course of EEG alpha power changes in creative ideation. Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, 8, Article 310.


Dezember 2009 - April 2010:

Projekt SAIA (Paechter / Pädagogische Psychologie, Papousek, Lackner / Physiologie)

  • Papousek, Paechter, Lackner (2011). Delayed psychophysiological recovery after self-concept-inconsistent negative performance feedback. International Journal of Psychophysiology, 82, 275-282.
  • Lackner, Gramer, Peachter, Wimmer, Hinghofer-Szalkay, Papousek (2015). Academic goal orientation and cardiovascular reactivity in a performance situation. Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback, 40, 189-200.
  • Papousek, Paechter, Weiss, Lackner (2017). The tendency to ruminate and the dynamics of heart rate recovery after an ordinary, mildly stressful performance situation. Personality and Individual Differences, 104, 150-154.


Juni 2009 – November 2009:

Projekt Cartoons (Papousek, Lackner / Physiologie, Schulter, Samson / Stanford)

  • Samson, Lackner, Weiss, Papousek (2012). Perception of other people's mental states affects humor in social anxiety. Journal of Behavior Therapy and Experimental Psychiatry, 43, 625-631.
  • Papousek, Reiser, Weiss, Fink, Samson, Lackner, Schulter. (2013). State-dependent changes of prefrontal-posterior coupling in the context of affective processing: Susceptibility to humor. Cognitive, Affective, and Behavioral Neuroscience, 13, 252-261.
  • Papousek, Schulter, Weiss, Samson, Freudenthaler, Lackner. (2013). Frontal brain asymmetry and transient cardiovascular responses to the perception of humor. Biological Psychology, 93, 114-121.
  • Lackner, Weiss, Schulter, Hinghofer-Szalkay, Samson, Papousek. (2013). I got it! Transient cardiovascular response to the perception of humor. Biological Psychology, 93, 33-40.
  •  Lackner, Batzel, Rössler, Hinghofer-Szalkay, Papousek (2014). Multi-time scale perspective in analysing cardiovascular data. Physiology Research.
  • Papousek, Schulter, Lackner, Samson, Freudenthaler (2014). Experimentally observed responses to humour are related to individual differences in emotion perception and regulation in everyday life. Humor: International Journal of Humor Research, 27, 271-286.


November 2008 – Juni 2009:

Projekt Pseudoflex (Papousek, Schulter)

  • Papousek, Reiser, Weber, Freudenthaler, Schulter (2012). Frontal brain asymmetry and affective flexibility in an emotional contagion paradigm. Psychophysiology, 49, 489-498.
  • Reiser, Schulter, Weiss, Fink, Rominger, Papousek (2012). Decrease of prefrontal-posterior EEG coherence: Loose control during social-emotional stimulation. Brain and Cognition, 80, 144-154.


März 2008 – Oktober 2008:

Projekt Pipsi (Schulter, Papousek)

  • Papousek, Freudenthaler, Schulter (2011). Typical performance measures of emotion regulation and emotion perception and frontal EEG asymmetry in an emotional contagion paradigm. Personality and Individual Differences, 51, 1018-1022.


Jänner 2008 – Juli 2008:

Projekt StatsAnx (Papousek, Paechter / Pädagogische Psychologie, Lackner / Physiologie, Macher / Pädagogische Psychologie, Ruggeri / Uni Cambridge)

  • Papousek, Nauschnegg, Paechter, Lackner, Goswami, Schulter (2010). Trait and state positive affect and cardiovascular recovery from experimental academic stress. Biological Psychology, 83, 108-115.
  • Papousek, Ruggeri, Macher, Paechter, Heene, Weiss, Schulter, Freudenthaler (2012).  Psychometric evaluation and experimental validation of the Statistics Anxiety Rating Scale. Journal of Personality Assessment, 94, 82-91.
  • Macher, Paechter, Papousek, Ruggeri (2012). Statistics anxiety, trait anxiety, learning behavior, and academic performance. European Journal of Psychology of Education, 27, 483-498.
  • Macher, Paechter, Papousek, Ruggeri, Freudenthaler (2013). Statistics anxiety, state anxiety during an examination, and academic achievement. British Journal of Educational Psychology, 83, 535-549.


Jänner 2008 – Juni 2008:

Projekt EmCog (Papousek, Schulter)

  • Papousek, Murhammer, Schulter (2011). Intra- and interindividual differences in lateralized cognitive performance and asymmetrical EEG activity in the frontal cortex. Brain and Cognition, 75, 225-231.


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