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Mittwoch, 23.06.2021

Universitätskurs „Klinische Psychologie“ dauerhaft eingerichtet.

Universitätskurs „Klinische Psychologie“ Auf Ersuchen der Uni for Life GmbH vom 09.06.2021 und durchgeführter Evaluierung wird der Universitätskurs…

Donnerstag, 17.06.2021

Yes, Lourdes' healing water does have miraculous powers — as a placebo

Resonanz zur Placebo-Studie von Academic Times: academictimes.com/yes-lourdes-healing-water-does-have-miraculous-powers-as-a-placebo

Donnerstag, 20.05.2021

Karenzvertretung gesucht!

In der Abteilung Klinische Psychologie besteht die Möglichkeit einer 6-monatigen Karenzvertretung (1.9.2021- 28.2.2022) für eine Prä-Doc-Stelle…

Montag, 19.04.2021

Placebo effects in the context of religious beliefs and practices

a resting-state functional connectivity study " has been accepted for publication in Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience, section Emotion Regulation…

Donnerstag, 08.04.2021

Association between coincidence and brain anatomy

The association between the propensity to experience meaningful coincidence and brain anatomy in healthy females: the moderating role of coping…

Montag, 15.02.2021

Utilizing placebos to leverage the effects of cognitive-behavioral therapy in patients with depression

Rebuttal to commentary, in Journal of Affective Disorders (in press)

Freitag, 05.02.2021

Neue Publikation: "Disgust-related memory bias in children and adults" in Evolutionary Psychology

Montag, 25.01.2021

Neue Publikation zu Cognitive-behavioral therapy and placebo treatment.

"Combined cognitive-behavioral therapy and placebo treatment for patients with depression: a follow-up assessment", has been accepted for publication…

Mittwoch, 20.01.2021

Neue Publikation: Processing of Visual food cues during bitter aftertaste perception

"The processing of visual food cues during bitter aftertaste perception in females with high vs. low disgust propensity An fMRI study", has been…

Mittwoch, 20.01.2021

Enjoyment of watching pimple popping videos

An fMRI investigation in Behavioural Brain Research (in press).

Montag, 21.12.2020

Analysis of a Placebo/Nocebo Provider.

Information about the optimism of a placebo/nocebo provider and placebo/nocebo side effects in Frontiers in Psychology, section Neuropsychology.

Mittwoch, 04.11.2020

Neue Publikation: Face the food

Food plating with facial patterns influences appetite and event-related brain potentials, Motivation and Emotion.

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