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Mittwoch, 15.09.2021

recently published articles from the research unit Educational Psychology

Eichen, L., Hackl-Wimmer, S., Eglmaier, M. T. W., Lackner, H. K., Paechter, M., Rettenbacher, K., Rominger, C., & Walther-Laager, C. (2021). Families’ digital media use: intentions, rules, and activities. British Journal of Educational Technology.
Feldhammer-Kahr M, Tulis M, Leen-Thomele E, Dreisiebner S, Macher D, Arendasy M and Paechter M (2021) It’s a Challenge, Not a Threat: Lecturers’ Satisfaction During the Covid-19 Summer Semester of 2020. Front. Psychol. 12:638898. doi: 10.3389/fpsyg.2021.638898

Lackner, H. K., Eglmaier, M. T. W., Hackl-Wimmer, Paechter, M., Rominger, C., Eichen, L., Rettenbacher, K., Walter-Laager, C., & Papousek, I. (2020). How to use heart rate variability: Quantification of vagal activity in toddlers and adults in long-term ECG. Sensors, 20, 5959. doi:10.3390/s2020595
Wimmer, S., Paechter, M., Lackner, H.K. and Papousek, I. (2020), Effects of Self-Concept on Restoring a Positive Motivational State After an Exam-Like Situation. Mind, Brain, and Education, 14: 5-15. https://doi.org/10.1111/mbe.12222

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