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Vortrag:"Symbolic numerical processing is a key predictor of learning arithmetic"

29.05.2018 18:00 - 20:00
Vortrag von Prof. Dr. Bert De Smedt (Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences University of Leuven, Belgium.

Being fluent and efficient in performing basic calculations has been regarded as an important
building block for the development of mathematical skills. On the other hand, deficits in retrieving arithmetic facts from memory are the hallmark of children with dyscalculia. In this talk, I will
present a series of behavioural and neuroimaging studies that have investigated the origins of
these individual differences in arithmetic, echoing an educational neuroscience approach. In
these cross-sectional and longitudinal studies, we have investigated the role of numerical magnitude processing in the development of arithmetic fluency. These studies also examined the
potential contributions of domain-general factors, such as working memory or inhibitory control. The key message from these studies is that particularly children’s symbolic magnitude processing skills are a unique and very stable predictor of children’s arithmetic development. These
data all suggest that screening children’s symbolic processing skills is useful for detecting children at risk children and I will present data from a recent large-scale validation of such a screening measure.

Steirische Gesellschaft für Psychologie
HS 02.21 - Universitätsplatz 2 (Psychologisches Institut, 2. Obergeschoss), 8010 Graz
Univ.-Prof. Dr. Roland Grabner
Vortrag:Steirische Gesellschaft für Psychologie
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