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Adresse Sections, labs and other important places Map
Universitaetsplatz 2/III

Biological Psychology

Central Labs (PsyLab)

Clinical Psychology

Cognitive Psychology & Neuroscience

Library of the department

Social Psychology

Work and Organisational Psychology

HS 02.21

SR 02.31

SR 02.34

PC-Room for Students

Universitätsplatz 2/EG

Differential Psychology

Educational and exploratory outpatient clinic (PsyAmb)

Educational Neuroscience


Psychologische Diagnostik und Methodik

Strassoldogasse 10

Developmental Psychology

Educational Psychology

Universitaetsstraße 27 Health Psychology 3
Beethofenstrasse 9 SR 37.01, SR 37.02, SR 37.03 4
Kopernikusgasse 24 MRI-Lab 5

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