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Completed projects

of the last 5 years

eHealth tools in HR

In this project potential applications of eHealth tools in workplace health promotion were examined from the perspective of HR managers. Using interviews and questionnaires, it was possible to identify potential applications as well as problems and barriers.

R-Age III (Recovery, Age and Performance III)

Recovery, Age and Performance III – Biography-oriented work design and hearing ability

Artifical Sun (LED4P)

The project LED4P in cooperation with the company XAL examined differences of different lighting conditions (LED / halogen and lighting levels) and their influence on subjective well-being and performance. The study was carried out in a specially developed light laboratory at the University of Graz.


Anti-Coriolis-Training in Motion Optimized Simulators


Evaluation system for the optimization of evacuation scenarios and intervention strategies of emergency services


In the project “KOOP” a tool to measure the willingness to cooperate was developed and the factors for success and inhibition of networks were analyzed. The developed instrument was designed as an online feedback tool that allows individual feedback on one's willingness to cooperate.


In the e-coach project, the characteristics of coachees were investigated that are necessary for the development and future use of e-coaching (= digitalized coaching). Characteristics of the coachees should be gathered in advance in order to enable an automated and individually tailored selection of coaching sessions in the context of burnout prevention.


In this international cooperation project, universities from Germany, Slovenia, and Spain examined intercultural differences in working conditions, leadership skills, and work-related strain and resources. The results support future, international research projects on critical and beneficial working conditions.

R-Age-II (Recovery, Age and Performance II)

Recovery, Age and Performance II: Investigation of biography-oriented work design


As part of the IVU project a set of tools had been developed to objectify and measure medical, psychological, and cultural aspects of new materials and technologies. The developed methods (questionnaire, psychophysiological methods, checklists) were exemplarily evaluated for the material wood.


In the EU-project "chance4change" concepts and programs for recovery from work stressors, strain, and experiences of stress were developed and their effectiveness was examined in cooperation with Slovenia. In addition to well-being programs for the general population ("feel-good bus", "feel-good compass"), special programs for mothers ("reducing the strain on mothers") and for managers ("promoting health-promoting leadership") have been developed and evaluated.


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