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Welcome to the Graz OPEN SCIENCE Initiative!

Welcome to the "Graz OPEN SCIENCE Initiative"!

We are researchers and students from all over Graz (Austria) and interested in Open Science and Open Access. Those two topics are relevant and will shape science and research in the 21st century.

Open Science broadly addresses the topic of transparency in the scientific process. Many steps during the research process occur in a black box to outsiders, which bears the risk that reported findings are potentially exaggerated or even false. Open Science strives to minimize those risks by promoting more transparency during the research process using online tools (e.g., by uploading data and materials on science clouds).

Open Access aims for free accessibility of research. Currently, most publications are behind expensive paywalls and universities have to pay thousands of Euro to access these articles. However, if research becomes freely accessible, more people can benefit from these findings.

If you want to join our email list for upcoming events and workshops, please send an email to graz_open_science [at] zoho.com using the subject "GOSI list"

Find us on Twitter (https://twitter.com/GrazOpenScience) and Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/GrazOpenScienceInitiative)


GOSI core team
Hilmar Brohmer (University of Graz), Gabriela Hofer (University of Graz), Piyush Gajananrao Gampawar (Medical University of Graz), Christian Kaier (University of Graz), Georg Krammer (University College of Teacher Education Styria), Stefan Reichmann (Graz University of Technology), Tony Ross-Hellauer (Graz University of Technology), Sarah Stryeck (Graz University of Technology).


Former members
Hannah Metzler


Upcoming events


Past events

Nov 19, 2018

Movie night: Behind the Paywall

Mar 21, 2019 ReproducibiliTea
May 17, 2019 Meanings of Reproducibility Workshop
Jun 27, 2019 Open Beer Review
Oct 10, 2019 ReproducibiliTea
Dec 05, 2019 From Reproducibility to Something Stronger, Christmas Party, 2019
Jan 30, 2020 Double Feature (movie night and Open Beer Review)
Nov 13, 2020 Open Science Day
Mar 01, 2021 ReproducibiliTea
Oct 01, 2021 ReproducibiliTea
May 15, 2022 ReproducibiliTea
Jun 30, 2022 Open Science Day

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